The Invisible Squirrel ………


Here’s a photo of our resident red squirrel taken in June helping himself to hazelnuts. The thing is, since September we have seen neither hide nor hair of him yet the hazelnuts keep disappearing. It’s a mystery. We often find chewed up shells, gnawed through in the characteristic red squirrel way, at the bottom of a small tree. But not one sighting. One of these fine morning I’ll have to drag myself out of our comfy cottage and hide underneath a holly tree to spy upon proceedings. Meanwhile it’s quite nice to have a mystery in life!


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Left with the use of my left arm/hand only, after a serious motor cycle accident in 2005, I am learning to adapt to life with a brachial plexus injury and have developed a style of playing guitar using open tunings. I love drawing, painting and generally messing around in a fairly loose fashion. Can't describe myself as an artist, but perhaps a doodler with intent.

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