Flower Power #6


The garden bakes in a flurry of late growth, aching to make up for time lost in the belated arrival of Spring. The greens amaze us, and the shapes of leaves contoured to meet the demands of their individual genetic niches, form perfect geometry with the blue space that surrounds them.  Who could imagine the changes in our surroundings and mood that the seasons inspire? It all seems too good to let go of. So … to attempt to capture a sense of this passing glorious  moment the paints come out, and the brushes get a bit of well earned exercise.


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Left with the use of my left arm/hand only, after a serious motor cycle accident in 2005, I am learning to adapt to life with a brachial plexus injury and have developed a style of playing guitar using open tunings. I love drawing, painting and generally messing around in a fairly loose fashion. Can't describe myself as an artist, but perhaps a doodler with intent.

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