Seeing the world in black and white


Working in charcoal reduces everything to its elemental state. But the real life lives in the shadows, where the light paints the dark and chases it into shape. In this drawing I’ve used blackboard chalk to give some contrast to the darks, in the absence of any artists chalk. Like our own personalities its often unclear where the shadows lie, but ignoring them means living more of a two-dimensional life. Too much light can blind, too much dark can darken the soul. Its the play of the two that brings balance and harmony. Perhaps!



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Left with the use of my left arm/hand only, after a serious motor cycle accident in 2005, I am learning to adapt to life with a brachial plexus injury and have developed a style of playing guitar using open tunings. I love drawing, painting and generally messing around in a fairly loose fashion. Can't describe myself as an artist, but perhaps a doodler with intent.

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