Sale Fell

IMG_3987Sale Fell lies at the westerly edge of the English Lake District, looking out towards the Solway coast and the Scottish hills that lie over the water, whilst guarding the fringe of the north west fells that so dramatically margin this rugged landscape. It is a modest beauty combining  lovely walks, views, splendid birds (of which pied flycatcher and green woodpecker are good examples) and wonderful opportunities for picnics and breathers.It has an interesting geology with outcrops of pure white rock marking the top like sheep biologically washed in the latest washing powder. It has been the location of films, murders, passionate love embraces and probably much much more. May it long watch over us.

Osprey Fishing

Osprey and fish

I’m currently working on an exhibition together with other members of the Independent Cockermouth Artists group on a “Celebrating Ospreys” show at Whinlatter Visitor Centre in Cumbria. The show will run from 31st March until 30th April to coincide with the hoped for return of the birds to the neighbouring Bassenthwaite valley, a successful breeding ground for the birds since 2001. The valley is of historic ecological importance for breeding English ospreys as there weren’t any birds in the country for the 150 years prior to 2001. To celebrate that and the wonderful work of the Lake District Osprey Project in supporting the re-establishment of ospreys in Cumbria  we are holding this show. Brilliant birds and a great inspiration to us all.

Weather or not ………


The seasons are moving. Winter thankfully moves from its wet beginning to a more seasonal fall in temperature with cold days and clear starry nights. The air is thin and transparent, allowing sight of distant constellations and faraway planets. The fells have a dusting of snow, with more forecast to be on the way. Birds clamour for food to keep their fat reserves up and mammals grow desperate and braver in their search for food.

A hush descends over the countryside as we await the warmer weather that lies ahead. Hope ever lingers.

The start of a New Year

The turning of the year always begins a process of reflection and renewal. It’s an opportunity to think about what is good in our lives, and how much we have to be grateful for. It’s also offers a space to reflect on our hopes and aspirations for the seasons that lie ahead, things we want to do, or how we want to be. Although I really know at one level that happiness is a lot to do with how we respond to events and situations as well as those things themselves, its hard not to just react with emotion, or give out a pre-programmed habitual response. So I’m going to try to be a bit more centred and mindful this year and try to ride out what occurs with greater grace. We’ll see!!!

Anyway – it was hard not to react with awe as this little beauty of a long tailed tit came up to say hello to the fatballs.