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She will walk with me


She will walk with me

through the gaping chasm

of my sorrow

down the shrouded vale

where ash meets pine

midst the gorging reeking

of the measly moss

she will walk with me

whisper sweet somethings

as we reach the spot

where Molly’s ashes drift

through the grieving keyhole

she will walk with me

as I stumble over the house

lost as an eyeless cat

“catch me catch ere I fall

oh the sadness of it all”

she will walk with me

hand in hand as we often were

hold me tighter she would say

hold me tighter now I say

she will walk with me

by the moonlit sea

to the bench we marked


before the calling came

too soon, too soon

my sweet angel face……

yet in the waning of the days

where the cherry blossom lays

she will walk with me

she will talk with me

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The sparkle at the day’s end

Crummock sparkle

As the crux of winter looms, the fells hang a necklace of snow around their peaks and the lake glistens in the clear light of the falling day. The birds are quiet, gathering their strength to endure the cold hungry days still to come. Looking out across the water the shadows play like ghost ships seeking anchor whilst the phosphoresencent quality of the surface changes as if a fifties black and white television screen. It’s too cold to linger long, though the dogs seem happy to splash at the water’s edge. I’m minded to take a photograph with my restored pre-digital Yashica lens supplied by The Lens Doctor. That sounds like an advert. It’s not – more like an endorsement for a guy that is doing a great job helping to ensure these wonderful old lenses have a sustainable life after the digital revolution. Meanwhile the light has just changed again.

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Coming together ……… the karma of meeting

IMG_7283Bella is our nine month old Estrela (Portugese mountain dog). She lives with us and our other dog, Molly who is also an Estrela, approaching the ripe old age of 14. We can’t be too sure of Molly’s age as she is a rescue dog, a very unlikely one at that being a fine example of a rare, sought after breed finishing up in a tiny animal rescue centre in Workington. Not much chance of that except our grandson happened to be volunteering at the centre at the exact time that Molly arrived. Fat chance of that happening. So Molly joined our family. After losing our other rescue dog, Smudgy, earlier in the year we decided that we would try and get an Estrela puppy as we had grown to love the breed so very much. Just by chance one of the two or three breeders in the UK had a bitch pup for sale and she wasn’t too far off in Blackpool. So we decided to go and have a look, and knowing we were most serious about our intentions we spent a whole afternoon with our daughter Sammy thinking of possible names for our new puppy. Of the scores we came up with, none really clicked. Then, on the journey back home from Sammy’s the name ‘Bella’ suddenly appeared to us – and we just knew that was it. The following day we were off to Blackpool to met our potential new pup. Having arrived, we were shown in and introduced to the bouncing bundle of fluffs that were the remaining litter. “This one’s Womble, but we’re keeping her”.  Of the remaining two, one captivated our attention and attracted our gaze. “What’s that one called”, we asked. “That’s Bella” she said. We looked askance at one another. “That’s a coincidence” we said.

Or perhaps its fate…………. (fat chance)