Osprey Fishing

Osprey and fish

I’m currently working on an exhibition together with other members of the Independent Cockermouth Artists group on a “Celebrating Ospreys” show at Whinlatter Visitor Centre in Cumbria. The show will run from 31st March until 30th April to coincide with the hoped for return of the birds to the neighbouring Bassenthwaite valley, a successful breeding ground for the birds since 2001. The valley is of historic ecological importance for breeding English ospreys as there weren’t any birds in the country for the 150 years prior to 2001. To celebrate that and the wonderful work of the Lake District Osprey Project in supporting the re-establishment of ospreys in Cumbria  we are holding this show. Brilliant birds and a great inspiration to us all.

A time for reflection ……..


The season is changing. Thank heavens the rain has eased – to be replaced by crisp frosty mornings and the snap of fallen leaves. Wonderful blue skies filled with the bleat of passing geese and the promise of a waxwing or two preening on the mountain ash down the lane. Things are getting serious for the wildlife. Our resident red squirrel has gone invisible but the evidence of his presence is unmistakeable in the hazlelnuts sawn through with relish. Like the animals we are all gathering round the warmth, as winter winds up the ante.

A quick walk down to the foreshore at Bassenthwaite Lake reveals a lovely reflection.


Haven’t a clue……..

As we exit the hub of the Christmas festivities and cross the threshold into a New Year there’s a sense of foreboding. The economy is in steep, perhaps terminal, decline, the politicians appear clueless, the social fabric torn and hope forlorn. We’re crying out for enlightened leadership yet all we get is the blind leading the blind. Those tasked with making key decisions are generally disconnected with the real experiences of ordinary people living in this country. In a failing system – where are the real compass points of renewed hope?????

The truth is – I haven’t a clue ………………………………………………….. (but here’s a photo of Bass Lake to fill the spaciousness)

Have a good year!