Red Red Robin

IMG_1522sketch  by keith fitton

shyness evades you

with your insistent presence

recalling the red flag

coiled by the train  at Nottingham

you wait I come

shaking the chicken feed

to your twitching tail

begging the question

who’s the rich

and who’s the poorer.




It’s a while since I tried to paint a bird, but a couple of things have inspired me to have another go, the first being my friend Martin’s painting of a peregrine falcon, and the second being the Allonby Art Fair which is on this weekend (the last in July) – the 34th held in aid of the Village Hall restoration project, and jolly fine it is too. So many gifted local artists, all creating great work to display and potentially sell. Its all very inspiring. So here’s my humble painting of the wonderful small raptor that is a merlin. I’ve left it as it came out of the box, complete with raindrops, as this painting was done outdoors at one sitting. There’s alterations/additions I could make to perhaps improve it, but I like the faulted spontaneity of it so its getting left in peace! Hope the same is true for the merlins themselves.

A nice surprise …………..

Christmas is full of surprises – and hopefully most of them are nice! This afternoon, in half-hearted light, dwindling down to a reluctant dusk, I peered out of the window to see a little visitor. Perched on the guttering helping to drain our garden rocked a beautiful male bullfinch stealing a drink from this man-made fountain. Grabbing a camera I managed to get a few frames of this lovely scene, albeit in rapidly fading light, through the window. What a beauty! – and what a fantastic surprise!!