Too Late Santa …. sorry


Here’s my Christmas card to all my avid readers, Sorry – I know its late but Santa dropped the parcel and couldn’t find it till now …. sorry. He’s been kept busy with a flooded house and a requirement to consume more than usual copious amounts of single malt Scotch whisky … sorry. But merry Christmas anyway and may the spirit of peace and joy inhabit your souls through this coming year. Sorry ……..

Leave a little bit of tinsel

IMG_1791“christmas 2014” a painting by keith fitton

So its time to pack away the Christmas decorations, recycle the tree and have another look at the cards as they come down wondering who the hell are George and Edna. We all look to the New Year – a new start and back to whatever work and challenges await. But here’s a tip. Leave a little bit of tinsel somewhere – atop the dresser, behind a painting on the wall, perhaps by the door moulding – just to remind you of the real spirit of Christmas that resides eternal in the heart. When sadness shifts into your soul or a dark depression hovers on the horizon of your days, take a look at your little bit of tinsel and remember the peace and joy that really never leaves us. It only gets clouded over as we live in life’s in-betweens. Also – if you’ve taken your decorations down already, then its not too late. Get yourself back up to the attic, or wherever they are stored, and grab yourself a little bit of the glittery stuff, for Santa’s sake (and yours).

Merry Christmas!! -(and a present!)

Merry Christmas to everybody out there. Have a funky fab time blessed with love and peace – the real message of Christmas. Courtesy of those wonderful people at Wilco HQ here is a streamed recording of a special concert from Chicago Civic Opera House with the band on magnificent form during this years autumn tour. A wonderful band.

Be happy!