Summer daze

Garden Sketch #49

The hum of the lawn blurs with the sweet chitterlings of birds Рworn out from their chasing, mating, sitting, watching, dashing, singing, struggling lives of springtime as we move into summer. The garden grows wilder by the second, ferning and fronting in  an explosion of green, highlighted by the coming flowers of the high season. In the absence of any more immediate inspiration I take my watercolorist outside and play at capturing my experience of the garden into a small series of humble sketches.



A favourite subject for painters throughout the ages – and hell you can see why. Our sunflowers are brightening the allotment raining sunshine down upon us all. Such magnificent flowers – how could you not become entranced by their beauty and mystery! Here is my humble rendering of one from last week.

The Looseness of Being

Flower Power #30

The garden is brimming with delights at the moment. Its a wild place to be honest – with gushings of green of all different textures, shades and forms. Yet dotted in amongst all this foliage are flowers, some completely wild, others those that have been planted, but all revealing something of nature’s beauty. Trying to capture, or respond to, the sensuous essence of these blooms is a challenge to any artist. Too loose – and there’s no definition, too formal – and there’s a lack of naturalness. After a number of attempts to paint this collection of blossoms and foliage, perhaps its the final sketch that I’m most pleased with.