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The Golden Buddha

IMG_3901 (1)my  Golden Buddha

welcomes the coming of Spring

with open arms

Art Lake District Painting Poetry

Camping Out



The feeling of being present with new life fills the senses. Blue sky greets the call of the returning chiffchaff as the daffodils rival the trumpets of Jericho in their unashamed glory. Time to dig out the shorts, the barbecue and the tent as the call of the wild bubbles in accord with the heartbeat of a changing season.

Art Drawing Painting Poetry

The Coming of Spring


half formed shaping in my sketchbook

the indications lie there

trumpeting in a haze of imagined colour

as the tit balloons his great love struck song

to the timely west

Art Lake District Photography Poetry

Spring blossom

Cherry blosssom

Its come welling

In the back place

A colour of promise

A scent of anticipation

As our senses tighten

Against the long stretch

Of tomorrows winter.