New Year Moon


walking through the garden

we didn’t notice

the new year moon hanging



DSC04649The coming of summer brings the promise of new life springing from the malarky of springtime. Birds shush down to the serious business of raising their young whilst plants push forward in the thrust of sun driven  momentum. The air thickens with flies, bees and butterflies as summer begins to dress itself with all the headiness of nectar drunk beings. We look on, watchers adrift in the separateness of our being, admiring the sheer audacity of this most hedonistic season. Let the ball begin.

She will walk with me


She will walk with me

through the gaping chasm

of my sorrow

down the shrouded vale

where ash meets pine

midst the gorging reeking

of the measly moss

she will walk with me

whisper sweet somethings

as we reach the spot

where Molly’s ashes drift

through the grieving keyhole

she will walk with me

as I stumble over the house

lost as an eyeless cat

“catch me catch ere I fall

oh the sadness of it all”

she will walk with me

hand in hand as we often were

hold me tighter she would say

hold me tighter now I say

she will walk with me

by the moonlit sea

to the bench we marked


before the calling came

too soon, too soon

my sweet angel face……

yet in the waning of the days

where the cherry blossom lays

she will walk with me

she will talk with me

Sale Fell 2

It’s our lovely Sale Fell – closest friend to the western communities that embroider the western fringe of the English Lake District. It is a holder of secrets and memories – beneath and above. Matt kindly walked there with me this New Years Day as I futilely scratch at last years blackboard to try to glimpse some meaning. He slipped over in his townie trainers and Bella pulled me into the beck. And then we went back to our respective homes – most resolutely.