Sale Fell 2

It’s our lovely Sale Fell – closest friend to the western communities that embroider the western fringe of the English Lake District. It is a holder of secrets and memories – beneath and above. Matt kindly walked there with me this New Years Day as I futilely scratch at last years blackboard to try to glimpse some meaning. He slipped over in his townie trainers and Bella pulled me into the beck. And then we went back to our respective homes – most resolutely. 

Sale Fell

IMG_3987Sale Fell lies at the westerly edge of the English Lake District, looking out towards the Solway coast and the Scottish hills that lie over the water, whilst guarding the fringe of the north west fells that so dramatically margin this rugged landscape. It is a modest beauty combining  lovely walks, views, splendid birds (of which pied flycatcher and green woodpecker are good examples) and wonderful opportunities for picnics and breathers.It has an interesting geology with outcrops of pure white rock marking the top like sheep biologically washed in the latest washing powder. It has been the location of films, murders, passionate love embraces and probably much much more. May it long watch over us.

As Time Goes By

IMG_3923Its springtime the birds are spinning into action and song as the migrants return and the quest for a breeding partner resumes. Its time to get the paints out after a serious bout of artistic “bloc” – or perhaps sheer laziness. My creative energies have been channelled into music of late for sure – but its now lovely to splash a few watercolours around and make a real mess on paper!